Buying property? We’ll guide you.
  • Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. Transactions today usually exceed well over $100,000. Hiring a real estate agent to work with you is an important decision and will make all the difference in the home buying process. It is essential that you find an agent that listens to what is important to you and openly discusses your ideas, options and the reality of the local real estate market.

  • Contrary to what the term implies, your “dream home” doesn’t appear out of thin air.  Finding it requires a careful evaluation of your wants and needs.

    You’ll need to think about where you’d like to live as well as what amenities available in a community. You’ll need to know how it impacts your commute to work, the quality of the schools, and the characteristics of the neighborhood. You’ll need to decide how many bedrooms you want and what you’d like to view outside your windows.

    In addition, there are also financial considerations to assess. It is important to determine how much home you can afford so a realistic price range can be established. Real estate can be a good investment vehicle to that can protect you against inflation. Home ownership can also be a great tax shelter. Mortgage interest and property taxes are fully deductible, which can lower your income taxes.

    It’s important to take the time to consider all of the angles when you are contemplating purchasing a new home.

  • Today’s real estate market is increasingly complicated and fast-paced, with more to consider than ever before. Fortunately, you won’t have to navigate through this challenging process alone.

    Our realtors have many resources to find properties on the market that fit your criteria. Your agent will sort through the many options and present you with a list of properties to consider. As you tour properties, your agent will point out both positive and negative features. Don't hesitate to speak openly about what you like and what you don't like. You may find yourself amending your "wish list" as you tour different properties, some things will become more important and others less important. With this new information, your agent can refine search criteria to narrow in on the property that best fits what you are looking for.

    With our extensive knowledge of the local market, your realtor will know when the market in a particular neighborhood is "hot" and requires immediate action or when the market is "cool" and allows for thoughtful consideration. And they will help you know when the asking price has negotiating room and when the house is "priced to sell".  



Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime.
  • Transactions today usually exceed well over $100,000. Considering the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it would be foolish to consider a deal in real estate without a team of competent professionals.

    Without any obligation, you can invite local realtors to visit your home and give you a "listing presentation" about why they're the best person to market it for you and provide you with information that will assist you in making initial decisions about selling your home. The days when selling your home meant putting a sign in the yard and an ad in the newspaper are long over. Today, effective selling demands a full-blown marketing process involving strategic planning, broad exposure through interactive advertising, expert merchandising and much more. What makes it all work for you is a real estate professional who listens to and understands your objectives, provides valuation expertise, and tailors a tech-savvy marketing strategy to suit the unique aspects of your property.

    Our realtors are exceptional at what they do. They can provide you with recent trends in your local market, accurate analysis of the market value of your property, strategies for marketing your home and advise on property staging. We are prepared to maximize your chances of selling in the timetable you need.

  • In general, all home sellers approach the task with the same two goals in mind: get the best possible price for their home and sell it quickly. While the details of the process may vary according to the type of home and local market conditions, the prospect of success is increased by following these 4 steps.

    Step One: Educate Yourself
    You'd never buy a home on a whim; you shouldn't try to sell one that way, either. So before you do anything, take some time to study the local market and current trends.

    Step Two: Learn Your Home's True Value
    Nothing is more important than setting the right asking price for your home. That's why it's smart to get the help of a professional with the expertise and experience to get it right the first time.

    Step Three: Choose the Right Sales Professional
    In our minds, of course, the smartest sellers are those who list with Classic Realty Group. However, putting our biases aside, you must feel confident in the realtor that you select. Your final choice should be someone who brings market information, experience, sophisticated marketing tools and a clear strategy of how to sell your home.

    Step Four: Develop Strategies For Using the Right Tools to Reach the Right Targets
    A quick, profitable sale is seldom a matter of luck. Far more often, it's the result of a sound marketing plan that makes the most of all the tools a Realtor has at his or her disposal.


    How much is your home worth? Should you ask for more? Should you ask for less? How long will it take to sell? Your realtor will be able to provide advice and real data to consider when answering these and many other questions. A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) examines all of the variables that may affect the value and marketability of your home. Some of the factors we consider:

    Comparable Property Data - Research of similar homes currently on the market, as well as recent sales and expired listings.

    Market Conditions and Competition - Economic outlook and seasonal trends, as well as the number of competitive homes on the market that can affect demand for your home.

    Mortgage Conditions and Outlook - Interest rates and anticipated movement up or down that can affect the size of the prospective buyer pool.

    Location – The proximity of your home to schools, parks, shopping and major roadways that may play a significant role in the desirability of your property.


    While most of our marketing efforts are aimed at bringing prospective buyers to your door, the most important point in the sales process occurs the moment your prospect steps inside. You only have one chance to make that all-important first impression, and your realtor will help you make the most of it.

    Merchandising a home is much like staging a show; you have to play to the audience. In order to be effective you need to see your property through the eyes of your prospective buyer. Of course, much of the staging or merchandising is common sense. Clean up. Touch up. Repair anything that needs it. Your realtor will help you identify those important details that can make a big difference in how quickly, and profitably, you sell your home.